Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Big Bottom Blessing - Teasi Cannon (review)

Wow. From the moment I read the title of this book, I was hooked! Cannon's wit and humor are evident from the first line of the introduction: "Does this book make my rear end look big?" (Cannon, xvii). Instantly, you're not reading a book; you're talking to a friend, one who not only has been where you probably are since you picked up the book but also who isn't afraid to bare all in order to glorify Daddy God and help bring about breakthrough in your own life! Her candidness keeps the reader totally engaged, laughing with her one minute and crying the next (at times tears of joy; at others, great sorrow). Much of her story like having a poor body image and low self-esteem from early childhood, dealing with both external and internal bullies, and making bad decisions in order to find even fleeting happiness and fulfillment reflects my own life in an uncanny way. I relived my own childhood while reading about hers: simultaneously hating what I saw in the mirror and being obsessed with looking. Hearing the taunts and jeers of other kids at school-- And let me tell you, I agree with Cannon 100% on that "sticks and stones" hogwash! "Words can never hurt me"?! PSH! Words can last forever.

But, as Cannon discovers and shares, there is hope! Because God has something to say about us, too; and His words bring life where others' do not! When we can get our minds and hearts around what GOD has to say about us-- Listen to HIS voice over the bullies'-- it is truly life-changing! It doesn't happen overnight, and it can really be a struggle at times. Nonetheless, Cannon's book not only helps you realize that you're not alone in this, it also aids in getting to the root of the issue by causing you to confront whatever it is: your past, your demons, your fears... It also inspires real dialogue with God-- Not just rattling off your list of pleases and thank yous, but really talking to Him, even if it's not always "polite and proper" on your end. Because that's the thing, God is REAL, and REALLY wants to have relationship with you, and wants you to know what HE says about you-- AND, He doesn't mind when you're "real" (confused, sad, angry). Not only does My Big Bottom Blessing help you realize who you are to God, it helps you realize who God wants to be to you!

Even if you've never struggled with weight, I would recommend this book to anyone. You'd be surprised what issues (and FREEDOM) may come up as you take this journey with Teasi and with God! Follow this link to find out more about the book, the author, and how you can purchase a copy! I truly hope it touches you as much as it has me!