Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Joyful Noise

My mother gave her life to God last summer. That began her journey into the world of music devoted to the Creator and Redeemer, especially the stuff she heard at church on the weekends. She ransacked my collection of CD's, wearing them out in her portable CD player, lamenting as one song after another became scratched to the point of no return.

So my sister and I got her an mp3 player for Mother's Day, and my dear friend loaded it with some great stuff from her own collection (which is, admittedly, much more extensive than mine). As with the portable CD player, she would don her headphones and be "Jammin' with Jesus" for hours on end.

She loves to sing along, praising the One who makes all things new.

She cannot sing. Even without the headphones on and at full volume. Seriously. It's... It's bad. I'm not gonna lie.

...My niece starts to ask "What's that sou-- Oh," giggles, "Mawmaw's singin again." More giggles.

...I pull in the front yard and panic wondering what is crying out in agony.

...People driving past with their windows down slow down and look around with worried expressions.

...Dogs howl in the distance.

...And I fully believe that God responds, too.

I can hear Him hush all of Heaven, so He can listen. I envision the Holy Spirit stopping what He is doing to hover over her, enrapt by the beautiful sound rising up to Him. I can picture Jesus leaning over, savoring the sweet aroma that is her praise!

She knows Who her audience is. And it's not me, or the neighbors, or the dogs down the street. She could care less what we think. And her Audience doesn't hear the missed notes. He hears a melody, pure and holy; unrivaled by the angels themselves! An offering of adoration poured out from a heart that once was dead and knows it! She's not worried about her singing; she's rejoicing in the new life she's been given! Making a joyful noise!

And I am convinced that Mom's singing is God's favorite.


  1. That's awesome. That is all I make too-noise. Did I mention that when you asked me to be in the choir and said that I would only have to get the pitch and key right that I didn't understand what pitch and key meant???? Go MOM!

  2. Ok so I seriously sat down in front of my computer to snawer emails, edit pictures, etc etc...then something popped into my mind...I haven't read Marica's blog in forever! Let me go pop in on her and see what my wordsmith friend has been up to lately....and now, 45 minutes later, I'm still here...crying and laughing and feeling a little closer to my Jesus than I did before I sat down. Ok, I'll admit...alot closer. Truth be told, I've been really fighting my naptimes lately. :) So your wonderful, whimsical, and extremely well-written doses of truth and humor here have been a bright spot in my otherwise normal day and have reminded me of everything I miss out on when I get too focused on being a "doer". Thanks for sharing your wisdom, humor and candid perspectives in such a tear-jerking, knee-slapping way (No seriously...the makers of Loreal mascara are gonna owe you bigtime because if I keep reading this on a regular basis I'm going to need to buy it in bulk! lol)! You are so gifted and I am grateful to be able to call you "friend". Love you girl!